Trust me you're losing weight!

Well, today I will tell you the pounds are still coming off losing inches off my waist. However I've come to this knowledge on this journey. If you don't tell your body what fat to shed it will not shape itself. I'm learning that the gym is super important. It may not even take a gym just proper body sculpting. Use aerobics, yoga, or some sort of fitness to create the body that you want. That's the transition I am going to take this week sculpting the body that I want. It's one thing to lose weight. You may not be happy with the results even then. If you don't have a body that you want to live in. That's okay maybe your journey is for health purposes only.

Like I always say remembering to be consistent is key! No one said change would be easy but they promise that it will be worth it. Coach Tammie often say, if you have a vision that's big enough for you God didn't give it to you. It will take more than just you alone. This community is for all of us on the journey of self-care. Embrace the ones you love everyday, be thankful for what you have.

Gratitude is everything till next time.


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