Everyday is new..

Today was a little bit harder than normal. I woke up extremely early this morning. Had to remind myself consistency is the key! So I decided to share one of my smoothie recipes. It was so much fun to make. So I set out to do some affirmations after that. It was a instant pick-me-up. Affirmations are extremely important when transforming. They help you to reaffirm your journey. You're not alone out here there are millions of people. Wanting to get the motivation necessary to change their lives. The only difference is I decided to get up and do it. You can too I'm still in transformation of my body and lifestyle. But, I found a tool that will allow me to share with you my experience. You can comment below and share with me your experience.

One of my missions with this community is to build a safe place for transformation. You know that feeling when your trying to get to a certain level but you're not quite there yet, but you're not at the beginning anymore. Life seems to slow down because you want to see that end result. You will make it, I will make it, we will make it!

Below I will leave you some affirmations to think about all days like this.

Plus that's smoothie 😊😊🤗💞

I am in charge of how I feel

I choose to be happy full of life and self-motivated

I owe it to myself to make me happy

Wealth is my reward for being consistent

Smoothie recipe

Half a cup of strawberries

Half a cup of pineapples

Half a cup of blueberries

Half a cup of your favorite yogurt

1 pack of iaso instant tea premixed in 1/4 cup of water

Blend and Enjoy try it tomorrow morning!


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