About Mrs. E.

Self-care is the foundation of Life, and caring for someone. It means you want to ensure their well-being. Mrs. E Cares is all about your well-being; We want to show the world just how important self-care and financial wellness is, beginning with you.

Mrs. E Cares was launched in 2018...

"I realized the correlation between physical and mental wellbeing while battling with many illnesses of my own. My passion drove me to create a platform where we could provide the tools longed for while helping others. With this dream in mind, I began travelling to various vending events to expand on this passion."  


All over central Texas I provided people with my labor of love, a line of all organic luxury products carefully crafted by my own hands, in our own home. Though this initially started off as a hobby it has grown into a lifestyle, one which we get to share with you. Here at Mrs. E Cares we emphasize the significance of human relationship, we recognize the role that a simple smell, or feeling plays in one's memories and we want to be a part of those wonderful moments of healing and happiness. 


We love of helping you improve your life; it doesn't stop with your physical or mental health; but extends into financial wellness. I over 10 years of experience specializing in taxes, credit repair, and bookkeeping services. Still fairly new to LQ1 Stop Tax Shop, I pull my experience from a decade of working with H&R Block, and 2 years with Jackson Hewitt. 

We know! What can't we do? And the answer to that is: this, without you. I cannot provide the world with my many talents and skill sets without your purchases and support! We want an intimate, and lively relationship with each customer allowing you to freely share your experiences with our products, and input suggestions or things you might want to see more of. 

We are so thankful for each contribution and are happy you are interested in joining our body elevation, mental health, and financial wellness communities. 


Mrs. E. Money